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A check is a written instruction from you to your bank to pay the bearer of the check a sum of money that you specify on the piece of paper. Checks have fallen out of use in recent years, but there are still instances in which you may need to know how to write a

If you’ve ever wondered how people save $10,000 in six months to a year – your answer is the 10k savings challenge. The idea behind this is to save $10,000 in 52 weeks by saving a set amount of money each week. You can certainly save $10,000 in just one year by making small, meaningful,

People all over the world make money online every day. Yet, this can be pretty intimidating for someone not used to the process. So, if you are new to this, we are going to take you through all the different ways to make money online for beginners- for free! Its about finding your passion and

Can you get paid to do people’s homework? Is this a legit side hustle? We are getting into all the details, along with a comprehensive list of online homework jobs that you can apply. Whether you’re an academic teen aiming to impress your dream college’s admissions board, or a stay-at-home parent wanting to make some

Canva is a graphic design app that you can download and use for free. You can also access the web-based version of the platform once you create an account. So, it’s free to download and open, but is Canva free forever? The answer is yes. There is a free forever version of Canva, along with

Are there Cash app games that pay instantly to PayPal? Wondering if there are any apps that pay instantly to Cash app? A number of people are searching the internet for cash app games that pay real money. In this article we will see if there are any real money earning cash app games available

Loose coins can be a hassle to carry in your wallet. Not only do they leave you with a lumpy wallet, but you are probably going to have a tough time counting them to pay. Imagine trying to pay $5 in coins. It might take forever before you put it all together. I try my

How can a 12 year old make money? Are there jobs for 12 year olds? It’s never too early to start learning smart money habits and earning extra cash at a young age. There are tons of jobs for 12 year olds to make money online or around your neighbourhood that range from traditional paper

Need to get a prescription filled? Looking for a 24 hour pharmacy to get some over-the-counter medication to ease your allergy symptoms?  We have got you covered with this comprehensive list of pharmacies that are open 24 hours a day, as well as some that are open quite late. Better still, many of these pharmacies

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