Is Canva Free to Use in 2022?

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Is Canva Free to Use in 2022?
August 7, 2022 / By Messea

Canva is a graphic design app that you can download and use for free.

You can also access the web-based version of the platform once you create an account. So, it’s free to download and open, but is Canva free forever?

The answer is yes.

There is a free forever version of Canva, along with paid Pro and Enterprise versions.

If you’re an individual content creator, the free version’s impressive list of features may be enough for you. But if you own a business that depends a lot on graphics and media, Canva Pro is the better way to go.

Let’s look at what Canva is, the differences between Canva’s free and Pro versions, and what you can do to get Pro for free. Here we go!

Think Instagram and social media posts, party invitations, and backgrounds for video conferencing software.

You can also make business cards and flyers, and use your own photos.

Canva is an application that does not require a lot of graphic design skills or knowledge to use. The platform has an intuitive interface with drag and drop capabilities.

Within Canva are over 50k templates you can customize and make your own. In a sense, Canva is a more sophisticated and extensive version of PowerPoint. You can start with premade, professional templates and add custom text and photos to them.

Alternatively, you can design your own templates or start with a blank canvas.

Some people prefer this because it allows more creativity and supports a unique look. But using premade templates increase efficiency and supports content creators with various skill sets.

Canva is good for a number of your graphic design needs. Some of the advantages of using Canva are:

You can also sign up for free with your Google, Facebook, or email account.

The free version gives you access to many content creation, graphic design, and photo editing features. There are thousands of stock images and custom-made fonts to design your work.

If your team is larger than five individuals, the price points are as follows:

You can also choose monthly billing instead of annual contracts. Plus, there are custom price points for teams that are larger than 50.

Let’s break down the monthly pricing per non-custom tier.

One of the advantages of Canva Pro is access to branded content and templates. In other words, you can use your brand’s existing logo and logs with your company’s taglines or slogans.

Therefore, you can have predesigned, easy-to-use templates that meet your brand standards.  

This can be convenient for companies with interdisciplinary teams.

Say an executive needs to use a template for a presentation. And another marketing employee without graphic design experience needs to arrange a web page. They can add to standard templates easily.

Absolutely! If you need access to premium features and branded templates, Canva Pro is worth the investment.

Also, if you have multiple collaborators who have various graphic design and photo editing skills, Canva Pro is a good investment.

If you don’t want to commit to an annual subscription, choosing the monthly option can help you see how Canva Pro will fit into your organization.

Of course, the monthly billing option is more expensive but you can switch to an annual subscription to save 23%.

Besides branded content, you have more templates and resources to choose from. These include stock photos to enhance your marketing materials, including emails and web pages.

The free version of Canva includes:

You and your team can also collaborate on content in the cloud. You can do this asynchronously or in real-time. Administrators can add and invite members as they join.

The amount of cloud storage you get is up to 5GB, which is pretty impressive if you’re a small group.

You can start browsing over 250,000 templates to spark ideas for your work. With the collaboration features, team members can contribute feedback and manage content.

Plus, staff members can send drafts to you or other creative managers for approval. Once approved, content can go into a “final assets” folder for others to use. Other features include content sharing and the ability to organize media assets into different folders.

The Canva Pro version gives you everything the free version offers plus more templates and photos.

Essentially, Canva Pro expands the media assets your team has access to.

Plus, you have additional content creation and automation benefits that the free version lacks. It’s more geared toward professional content teams that support high volumes.

Organizations in the education and non-profit sectors are eligible for a forever free version of Canva Pro.

When you first upgrade to or sign up for Canva Pro, you can activate the trial.

As long as you cancel your Pro membership before the 30-day trial expires, you won’t have to pay for it.

This gives you time to evaluate whether Canva Pro’s benefits meet your needs. You can always go back or downgrade to the free version once the trial ends.

Is Canva free? Of course, it is. You can stay on the forever free plan or upgrade to the Pro version for a free 30-day trial.

Also, if your organization is in the education or non-profit sectors, Canva Pro is free for the entire time your account is active.

Both versions offer a wealth of content creation, graphic design, and photo editing tools.

It’s a nice alternative to other photo editing and media creation programs that cost money from the get-go. Plus, you don’t need to be a design expert to use Canva.

You can easily create, collaborate on, and store media assets. Organize them according to brands, social platforms, and more.  

Canva is free for anyone to use, so you can use it as many times as you like. But if you want to use some of their premium features then Canva’s Pro option is the best way to go.

While Canva’s free version gives you access to templates, photos and graphics, the Pro version has its perks.

Some advantages of Canva Pro are access to premium stock photos and videos, remove image backgrounds, set up your brand kit, resize designs with magic designs, 100GB of cloud storage and more.

Payment methods include PayPal and most major credit cards.

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