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Reach all your targets – digital print, broadcast, reporters, editors, consumers, financial and news portals.

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Your news is pushed to 15000 media outlets which include a variety of national media and business & financial circuits.

Report Measurement

Your release is tracked for performance and reach, such as total number of postings with listing of the media.

Features Make Us More Successful positions your News to a Large Media Network ensuring you get Maximum Visibility. In 24 Newswire, we are dedicated to classifying and engrossing with significant influencers and allocate evocative sections which should authorize the conversationalists.


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Reach all major print and electronic outlets through the largest press-release distribution service.


Strategy & Growth

Get your news covered in print and online news, social and broadcast media. Instant access to over 5,000+ media points.


Instant Report Creation

Receive comprehensive Reports from our Tracked Offline Distributions and Syndicated Online Distributions.

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Our team of experts brings you the latest news and updates in all desired segments. With just a click, get to view in-depth news coverage across the wire in the aspects of current affairs, significant events, and the latest news.

Publish your Press Releases on 450+ News and Media platforms.

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