What are the 5 approaches to qualitative research with examples?

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What are the 5 approaches to qualitative research with examples
October 11, 2023 / By hennabakker


The first thing we do while researching is trying to get as much information about the topic as we can. As this is the basic step while reaching on any conclusion about a topic. There are plenty of research types available which are effective and used as per the requirement of research. If you hear of quantitative research, then you probably know the idea of the types. But if not then don’t worry because we will cover a basic overview about the research. Like what qualitative research is? And what are its 5 approaches with examples.

What is Qualitative Research?

Qualitative research is a type of research in which the research doesn’t collect the numerical data. And this means that he gathers the data in different forms. Like in videos, Audios, and Images etc. And it is used for showing the depth of a topic with certain or extra details. 

In quantitative research the researcher gathers the numerical data. In which numbers are present. And the conclusion about the topic is decided on the basis of the numerical data. While with qualitative research it is different. And the data is collected only in a non-numerical way.

While quantitative research is used in subjects like finances, and accounting. While qualitative research is used in many subjects like Social Sciences, Education, Sociology, Health and History etc. So, let’s talk about the 5 methods of it.

5 Approaches of Qualitative Research:

The approaches of it are:

1) Ethnography:

An approach which establishes on observing many things or you can say diving into the mind of the user and thinking about it. This approach doesn’t depend on the surveys or numerical information. It is used by thinking and doing things like the end-user or the person who is going to be influenced by that. Like if a person is doing research about a certain topic which affects a specific age group. Then if the researcher can understand the behavior, the motivation, Challenges, Goals, and everything that will help in understanding the thinking of that certain group. 

It is the most effective type of method. And more often comes in assignments. So, if anyone finds it complex or more understanding of it. Then they can take My Assignments Help UK.  As this method enhances the marketing strategies and helps them understand everything in depth and clearly. Because the researcher starts thinking that way. Or trying to figure out that how he will do these certain actions. Or what are his reactions to that kind of situation? 


For Example, if you are trying to sell a product or want to make it sell like crazy. Then the first and probably the most important thing is to understand the needs and the behavior of the targeted audience. And also their demands, why they will pick your product. Or what makes it stand-out for them. So, when you think from a point-of-view of that product customer then everything will be clear to you.

2) Phenomenological Qualitative research approach:

This type of qualitative research is used to define an event, phenomena, or activity. And in this type the researcher might conduct interviews, listen to audios, watch videos, do surveys and everything to understand any event, situation or phenomena. And the researcher uses this kind of non-numerical data to understand what exactly happened. The researcher also visits places and collects all the necessary information.  


For instance, there is a huge increment seen in online courses around the world. But the students find it difficult to manage.  Or to get the information about the perfect course. So, when the researcher does surveys, interviews, and watches videos about it. Then there is a rich possibility about it that he will find the perfect courses for the students. 

3) Narrative:

The third type of qualitative research is narrative in which the researcher combines the two stories. And then combine a single one. So, in this process the researcher reads documents, conduct in-depth interviews. And find all the relative things related to the story to create a perfect one. And in this type of qualitative research the interviews took a lot of time. Like it might take some weeks, or the interviews might take years. But the final result has the conclusion of everything and in a perfect way. 


A perfect example of the narrative qualitative research approach is easily used in the business that is facing some issues in finding the perfect challenges that their audience face. So, by using this approach they can have the stories of what sort of problems they are facing. And this way it would be easier for them to find the solution.

4) Case study:

The most common one in the corporate world and every company emphasizes it. Because this method is super-efficient. Case study can be in many forms like it can describe an event, provide explanation. And this type of approach is used in multiple places. Like a case study approach also uses to demonstrate the previous work. But usually the students find it hard to learn about it. And that is why they take case study writing services UK to get the perfect knowledge of it.

For Example:

 If a services providing company satisfies a company, then he takes his information and uses it as a case study. So, it would be easier for the new clients to understand the quality of the services. 

5) Grounded Theory:

Like I discussed in the Phenomenological qualitative research that describes the events, or situation. But the grounded theory describes the reason behind the activities and phenomena. You do interviews, and read documents also using some techniques and samples to conclude the research. 


To understand the approach, you can take the example of software like portals to write code or to communicate. And how are the sellers rejecting the request for credit? Or any other concept that requires a certain amount of background information. 

So, these are the 5 approaches. And by using these a researcher can gather valuable data in the ideal manner.