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March 16, 2023 / By ayman

Making a playlist of enjoyable songs is a terrific way to set the mood for any event. Whether it’s for a party, a special occasion, or a day of relaxation, having a playlist of upbeat, enjoyable tunes is a terrific way to be in the proper frame of mind. There are multiple songs that can be added as per your choices. For examples, there can be choices regional or old classical music as well. One of the most desired artists with their offline download contains, Zeeshan Rokhri songs mp3 download. There are multiple singers and artist and their fun songs whom will you learn about following this blog. Not to mention that, regional artists have become an excellent addition to any playlist. Their iconic aesthetic songs are certain to get everyone overwhelmed.

For something a little bit more contemporary, “Na Chero Hamain” by Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is an excellent option. This deep song’s catchy chorus will have everyone singing and dancing along. Once you have listened that, then try “Sajda”, and ” Raaton Ko Chain Se Na Soya Karenge Aap” for an audience captivating tune. This timeless rock anthem has an upbeat vibe that’s sure to get people moving. For a more traditional hip-hop vibe, Naseebo Lal Songs is an excellent selection. His iconic song’s catchy chorus will have everyone dancing and singing along. Following the part, we will now discuss more of the fun songs that will energize you and add fun to your dry playlist.

Khushfehmi by Mouj

Firstly, Khushfehmi by Mouj singer band, is a stunningly beautiful song. It’s a sweet song about adoration and longing. Both the tune and the words are hypnotic in their ability to draw the listener in. A song about the indescribable feeling of happiness and joy that comes from falling in love. The lyrics of the song are a plea to remember and treasure one’s romantic encounters.

There’s a lovely instrumental introduction to the song, and then the singers take over and captivate you with their voices. Emotion and the intensity of love are conveyed in the song’s lyrics. The song’s vocals are supported by a backdrop of guitar and drums that are both relaxing and rhythmically interesting. The song’s instrumentals are so soothing and tranquil that they will put anyone who listens into a trance. Feelings of love and admiration will blossom within the listener as they listen to this song. The song will make you happy and fulfilled.

12 Saal by Bilal Saeed

Secondly, the 2012 release of Bilal Saeed’s single “12 Saal” was immediately successful. Since its lyrics are universally relatable to today’s youth, the song has quickly become a hit. 

By singing about the ups and downs of growing up, Bilal, who wrote the lyrics to “12 Saal,” captures perfectly the song’s mood. Bilal begins the song lamenting the loss of one’s childhood innocence as an adult. The chorus, which evokes melancholy and longing, is especially lovely. The lyrics also address the difficulties and stresses that come with maturing. The song’s lyrics are even more moving because they are sung in Punjabi.

In sum, “12 Saal” is an excellent tune that hits close to home for many young people today. The lyrics capture the experiences and struggles of young adults in a way that is both moving and accessible. A lot of people consider it an anthem, and it’s a great example of Bilal Saeed’s abilities as a musician.

Hore Vi Neevan Ho by Noori Band

Since their inception in 1996, the rock band Noori Singer Band has been making waves in Pakistan. Ali Noor, Ali Hamza, Kami Paul, and Gumby are the band members. They have won numerous awards, including the Lux Style Award for Best Band in 2007, and are well-known for their hard-hitting, melodic rock sound.

Beautifully melodic, “Hore Vi Neevan Ho” is a song about love and longing. Ali Noor’s gentle vocals follow some strumming on an acoustic guitar as the song begins. This song addresses the universal human experiences of longing for and worrying about the loss of a close personal relationship. There’s a lot of feeling in the song’s lyrics, and it makes you feel longing and sadness. The song is expertly arranged, and the band does an excellent job of conveying a sense of melancholy and loss. The video features Ali Noor and Ali Hamza singing and playing instruments in a variety of settings, such as an old castle and a beach.

In sum, “Hore Vi Neevan Ho” is a fantastic song that showcases the band’s musical prowess and the group’s ability to write a moving and affecting piece of music. The song’s lyrics will stay with the listener because of the depth of emotion they convey, which include love, longing, and sadness.

Ishq aap he awalla by Chakwaal band & Meesha Shafi

There is no doubt that Chakwaal and Meesha Shafi’s “Ishq Aap He Awalla” is a stunningly romantic ballad. The song hit the airwaves in February of 2020 and quickly became popular. The song’s relaxed, easygoing vibe makes it ideal for those times when love seems to have gotten away from you. The song celebrates the strength of love and its ability to help one forget their troubles and move on with life. The lyrics are very well-written, and they help to immerse the listener in the song’s mood.

The song’s instrumental arrangement is an ideal fusion of classic and contemporary styles. Ancient Middle Eastern instruments like the oud and tabla are fused with cutting-edge electronic beats to create a style all its own. The stunning vocals of Meesha Shafi lull you into a trance, while the rap of Chakwaal gives you a much-needed boost of energy. The song has a mystical vibe to it and will undoubtedly be popular for years to come. Overall, “Ishq Aap He Awalla” is an incredible song that brilliantly captures the grace and strength of love. If you enjoy romantic ballads, this song deserves a spot on your playlist.

Dosti by Nazia Hassan

Dosti,” performed by Nazia Hassan, is among the most recognizable songs ever to come out of the decade of the 1980s. Both Anwar Maqsood and Zoheb Hassan contributed to the song’s lyrics and music for the Indian film Dosti. The song shot to fame after its 1985 release. The song’s lyrics emphasize the value of friendship and its ability to unite people. Nazia Hassan and her brother Zoheb Hassan appeared in one of the earliest music videos to be filmed in India. The song was a smash hit, and it quickly became a staple in both India and Pakistan.

Because of its positive message of friendship and peace between the two countries, the song quickly became a global phenomenon. It demonstrated how friendship can break down barriers and close gaping chasms between people. In the midst of the Indo-Pakistani conflict, the song’s message of the healing power of friendship resonated with particular resonance. It also proved to the world that music has the power to unite and calm its listeners. The song has endured as a timeless symbol of the transformative potential of both friendship and music in the lives of those who grew up with it.

Ik Lamha ft. Maya Ali by Azaan Sami Khan

The Azaan Sami Khan and Maya Ali duet “Ik Lamha” is a stunning piece of music. Since its release in 2020, the song has seen massive success. The song is a heartfelt ballad that vividly portrays the ups and downs of love and romance. The song’s beautiful melody and catchy chorus make it a winning blend of pop and rock styles.

Azaan Sami Khan, who has a very soulful voice, has done a wonderful job of interpreting the song and giving it his own unique spin. Maya Ali, who is featured in the song, adds her own special flair to the tune. It’s a love song about working through the tough times in a relationship. The music video for this song is gorgeous, and it does a great job of conveying the song’s meaning. This song is fantastic to listen to because of its memorable chorus and soaring melody. The song’s message of the value of genuine affection and friendship is heartening. This song will be a smash with listeners.

Final Words

Summarizing the whole blogpost, we get to know multiple fun songs that can be very assisting in adding fun to the playlists. We have also enlisted some of the most listened regional songs that are extremely demanded by the people. We have Mouj Band, Noori Band and then there are amazing singers and artists. Such as Bilal Saeed, Ustad NFAK, RFAK, Azaan Sami Khan and more. These songs are rhymed and produced with more of the deep and emotional meanings which will certainly made you stop. Every time they go on repeating, there we have some sort of soothing pleasure in our soul. With these songs, we have the missing feelings filled. Whether you are feeling out of blue or need something to calm you down. Remember that Pakistani regional fun songs are known for their exceeding pleasures.