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September 26, 2022 / By FasterCapitalContact

FasterCapital is helping hundreds of startups around the world raise capital and get funded quickly and easily. The team at FasterCapital works with you on preparing for your funding round, creating your business plan, perfecting your pitch deck, and making your financial model and forecasts to approach investor and VCs much more confidently.
FasterCapital provides you with detailed feedback reports along with investors comments to help you perfect you pitch before moving on to the matching phase.
In the matching stage, the team matches you with over 100K angels and 10K Venture Capital firms around the globe using an AI system to help you raise the capital you need.
FasterCapital also provides you with all the services needed from planning for your funding, valuating your startup, to negotiating and closing deals with angels.
The program is for all startups from all stages, countries, and industries. You can join the program easily by filling in the online form or contacting the team at contact@fastercapital.com