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August 25, 2022 / By bajawhaleshark

Is your love of the ocean strong? Can you say that you’re a “water baby?” Then come along on this fantastic excursion! Join us on a private whale shark excursion in La Paz, Mexico, and live out a lifelong ambition. From October through April, visitors to the calming and picturesque La Paz Bay can see a large population of whale sharks. Being the largest fish in the sea, they make the most stunning swimming companions. This shark variety is known for its calm demeanor and lack of aggression, and its diet consists entirely of microscopic marine life. Plan your whale shark private tour La Paz with us!

As it drifts with the wind and ocean currents, this marine organism eventually gathers in the harbor of La Paz, where it may find food for the better part of the year. In this respect, the bay is reminiscent of a massive baseball glove. It’s only a half-hour drive from Cabo, but most visitors to the area have never heard of it. Are you looking for a company or a team that could provide you with the best Baja whale shark experience? If yes, then we’re what you’re looking for!Premium Whale Shark Private Tour La Paz With Baja Whale Shark

There is a wide variety of aquatic life in Cabo San Lucas, making it a fantastic destination for scuba divers and snorkelers. In the waters of Baja California and the vicinity of Los Cabos, you may encounter whale sharks, tiger sharks, marine mammals, hammerheads, and whale sharks. Mobula rays, giant manta rays, eagle rays, and stingrays are just a few of the rays you might see. Each type of ray can be recognized by its own unique set of traits. In the course of your maritime exploits, you may encounter several different aquatic animal species. Make your travel plans now!

Repeat visitors to Baja Whale Shark are entitled to a 10% rebate on all of their bookings. If you’d prefer to drive to our sailing catamaran, there’s plenty of safe parking at the Marina Palmira complex. It’s as easy as clicking the “Contact Us” tab. Select the Yacht’s Current Location menu item. For every visitor that brings their car, there is a $30 savings. We’d appreciate it when you contact us or send us an email if you are a repeat customer.

We can pick you up practically anywhere in Cabo San Lucas, the Corridor connecting CSL to San Jose del Cabo, and the road connecting Pescadero and Todos Santos to La Paz. Pickups for ground transportation in Los Barriles, La Ribera, and La Ventana cost more for groups of fewer than five passengers.

Providing our customers with a premier whale shark tour possible is our top priority.

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