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August 23, 2022 / By almasafetydevicesa

Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, August 20, 2022:  Welcome our Top-grade and durable Safety Equipment in your place. Suppose you wish for higher Safety and security in your place, and then never miss the installation of the safety devices. The device can be a firefighting system, fire alarm, surveillance camera, etc. Our focus is to enable a better and safer place for you. 

Since our inception, we have delivered top-notch and durable safety devices. 

We called ourselves the best and most trustworthy firefighting protectors. Our goal is to cater for the best safety services. You can seek our professional technician to install, maintain and repair the safety devices. Whether you seek the experts or a Safety reportour team is one call away. We help you make your place safer and better. For example, suppose you are new and shifting to a new building with your family.

Then you make sure you ask for the safety equipment in the building to prevent any havoc in future. For example, many fire attacks occur due to bad electrical wiring and firefighting devices and systems. To avoid accidents in your place, hire our technician that identifies the quality of the wiring and informs you about the safety level of your place. Finally, you can shop for multiple safety devices, including surveillance cameras, Fire extinguishers, Fire alarms etc. 

 Our Services: 

  • Electrical wiring safety certificate 
  • Civil defense license 
  • Installation of all fire extinguishing system 
  • Installation of all fire early warning system

Our specialization 

  • Installation and supply of fire alarm systems
  • Installation and supply of fire extinguishing systems
  • Supply, installation and maintenance of fire pumps
  • Maintenance of safety systems / annual maintenance contracts
  • Design and approval of safety plans
  • Technical Reports
  • Safety Report
  • Supply and installation of surveillance cameras – door systems)
  • Supply and installation of ventilation and duct systems

We are popular and reputed national institutions that offer the best safety devices and fire fighting systems. Our goal is to deliver amazing services. Whether you are looking for Safety Equipment or fire alarms, we are here to offer all. Once you choose us for the best safety devices, you will never look for others. We have served years as a firefighting protector and supplier of safety devices. 

We aim to deliver the top-class and best safety devices. We keep our service abreast and ensure that each client receives the best services. So you can have the best safety and security services with us. Get the Safety report of your place. Why look further if you are ready to attain the best safety devices? We are one click away. Safety should be every person’s priority, and keep your living or commercial space equipped with higher–quality safety devices. 

A safety Report is a guideline regarding all the safety devices. This report informs about all the safety devices in the place and the safety level of your place. Our team checked all the things from electrical wiring to Fire extinguishers quality. We believe in making each building in Saudi Arabia safer and better. Moreover, if you want the best quality and durable safety device with utmost performance, then choose our company. Grab the best safety service with us. 

Whenever you look for a fire extinguisher, pick the best and most functional. Our experience and knowledge as a service provider of safety devices and fire fighting protectors made us the best among al. Do you want to enjoy the best professional assistance? Quickly connect to us and get exceptional services. One call, and you will find our professionals at your place for the installation of Fire extinguishersHire our Firefighters for the best and seamless performance. 

Gather more information about our service through https://alma.com.sa/ and resolve all your queries. Moreover, contact our team via call at 2114-21111-966 and email at info@alma.com.sa.

Alma is Saudi Arabia’s national institution, remarkable for its safety and security devices, and it administers the best installation, maintenance, and repair services. So you can choose us for the best safety services. 


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