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March 1, 2023 / By movee

The Removals Market


With a current market size of 2 billion, the performance of the removalist industry in Australia is forecast to progress by 2026. After the adverse effects of the pandemic on both domestic and corporate relocation markets, the demand for relocation is crawlingly contained by the household market. Though, going further it is expected to be steered by considerate improvement in housing transfers and even healthier demand for business removals. 


Re-defining the Industry


As our world advances, Movee, Australia’s well-known removalists booking platform is all set to reinvent this industry with the help of technology. Treasuring the collaboration of 150+ local movers, Movee comes with a vision of redefining the way the removals industry in Australia operates. Headquartered down south in Melbourne, the company has functional experience of more than a decade and is slowly changing the face of the moving industry in Australia with its adaptation of a tech-driven module for its business. 


Using technology as its fundamental tool, Movee aims to bring movers and customers together on a single platform. On one hand, this strategy eliminates the difficulties customers face in finding the right removalists for their job; on the other, it opens a secure platform for all big and small removalists in Australia where they can save on their marketing expenses, customer service expenses and much more. 


All the removals at Movee are directed by the tracking system of an app, sharing real-time information about the move with the customers. The app makes all the services just one click away for its users, also bringing transparency to the complete system. It acquaints the customers with all the information they might need to know for their move like the exact location of the truck, departure or estimated arrival time of their goods and more.


Movee has an established and well-connected network of moving services, for both residential and commercial removals. Booking a service at Movee is effortless with their automated system. Customers give their job details and get a quote instantly. Post finalising the deal, everything becomes the company’s job which they do beautifully.


Delivery of Movee’s Services


“There is no substitute for hard work.” this is a quote by Thomas A. Edison which the team at Movee seems to honestly believe in. Glancing at the numbers, the booking platform boasts of 5000+ bookings done by them so far and the figure is quite impressive.


Bringing up the nature of the business, there are varied kinds of relocations that happen in Australia. From high-rise buildings to poolside villas, down-at-heel houses to compact apartments, small cabins to full-fledged offices; Australia witnesses removals from all lines of businesses. During these removals, there are an array of services vital for Australia’s citizens and workforce. 


Movee delightfully provides all these services and takes pride in claiming that their team is trained and licensed to handle removals of any kind, all from heavy furniture to fragile items. Whether the customers are looking for removalists Sydney, removalists Melbourne, removalists Shire or anywhere else in Australia, Movee’s services are accessible at all key geographic locations, across all the states.


Movers and packers associated with Movee are always available to help their customers with the removals in a very sensitive manner. Their team exquisitely guards all the electronic items of their customers such as TV, washing machine, refrigerators and PCs. Packing, unpacking, loading and unloading: the complete process is executed impeccably. 


Removalists at Movee use high-end tools and equipment for the removals like rigid packing boxes, bubble wraps, butcher paper, sealing tape and much more. While they do their job perfectly, they just want their clients to feel relaxed and secure about it.


Everyone wants to be double-sure when they are relying on someone else for their job. Eliminating all the apprehensions, on top of the standard guarantee their removalists provide, Movee provides its client with additional insurance, if they wish to. This helps them to build trust stronger with their customers by eliminating all doubts.


Advising their Customers 


According to a study, nearly 80% of Australians find moving to be a stressful experience. The pressure is observed more in busy, metropolitan areas where the belongings of people are much higher than the people living in regional areas. Movee removalists claim to provide incomparable services which take all the stress off their customers, hence, bringing a smile to their faces. 


To ease the burden further, Movee advises their customers to thin out what they don’t need while relocating. This helps when the customers reach their destination as they do not have to unnecessarily look into those unwanted goods repeatedly. It also aids in reducing the cost of their move.


Always have a box of essentials is what they say at Movee. Pulling out all the boxes in the new house to find those mandatory items is quite frustrating, cumbersome and time-consuming. Having a dedicated, well-labelled box for all the mandates keeps their customers sane and at ease during their unpacking journey.


A lot of people miss out thinking on about setting up utility services at their new homes. In the hassle of handling their chattels and travelling from one place to another, telephone lines, Wi-Fi connection, gas connection and cable TV may not seem like priorities. But once inside their new place, unpacking and setting up their goods leave them no time to get these services up and running.

Movee guides all its customers to consider making these things function well in advance. If it seems difficult, Movee is there to take up this role and do all the connection services for its clients.


Last but not least, customers should always book their moving services in advance. This helps the customers to avoid any possible unavailability of their removals company and also gives them time to know who their movers are. Additionally, it streamlines the complete process in a better way.