MemeChat Review: How To Make Money From MemeChat

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MemeChat Review: How To Make Money From MemeChat
August 7, 2022 / By Messea

This article is not sponsored by Memechat or any third-party advertisers. This is our honest Memechat review. Share if you liked it.

There was a time when keeping mobile phones was an extra financial burden but nowadays mobile phones are the best way to make money.

Meme business is growing slowly, it is small in size for now but no doubt it is one of the best business where reader and writer both are enjoying, one is getting entertainment and another one is getting both entertainment & money.

In this article of Memechat Review, we are going to cover what it is, how to make money, what you can do, its founder of it, and everything else.

Memechat is a mobile app where memers create memes and earn money for their meme. It is developed and founded in India.

Memechat owner is Kyle Fernandes who founded Memechat in 2018 but it become popular in 2020-21 when more and more memer started using it.

They have also received an investment of around 150K USD from investors to expand the use of the app.

There is not much to know about memechat app company as they haven’t shared more information on it.

Are you a meme creator? Or have social media page where you post memes? Then Memechat is what let you earn money.

Like most apps have a points or coins system to credit your reward but Memechat has Memecoins which are worth 1 INR per MC.

To earn MC you have to download their app and log in first so you can start. Now create a meme using available templates. You can edit template and add your funny text here.

Now send it for approval, admins or moderators will approve your meme if it is good to use. If your meme will get approved you will earn MC. Which you can withdraw to your Bank account or PayTM.

Yes, it is safe to use. There are many who are using it safely since its launch.

But it is legit? There are mixed Memechat reviews, you can try to use them but it is not probably the app that you want to use.

Many users reported that the earnings are very low, there are creators who are getting 0.50 to 1 INR per meme only which is very low in comparison to directly joining any page.

Following are the best and top features that you may like to know to use it in app.

Memes are not limited to images only, you can find video memes in app which you can download, view, or share. You can also find template which you can use.

You can withdraw your earnings using PayTM or Bank. They have general withdrawal which will get credited to your account within 7 days and instant withdrawal will get withdraw within a day, possibly within a few hours.

They have daily tasks which can let you earn free money online. You will earn MCs and exciting gift coupons from their brands by completing simple daily tasks.

Memechat app is available on Play Store and App Store, it has some good reviews on the store but users also reported they are earning less and had a bad customer experience.

App has been downloaded by more than 50 Lakh people and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 from more than 76K reviews.

How to install memechat keyboard?

Love to send memes to your friends or someone else? Then you may like to use this keyboard. With this keyboard you can send memes directly using the keyboard.

Conclusion: Memechat is one of the best and known platform which got promoted by many top FB pages but it is reported by users that they are earning too less. If you find Memechat review usefull then do not forget to share.

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