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April 5, 2023 / By shivamsaxena1090

The Postcard Hotel has seven luxury resorts in India situated in Goa– The Postcard Moira in North Goa, The Postcard Velha in the old Portuguese capital of Old Goa, The Postcard Cuelim in South Goa, and The Postcard Hideaway in the forests of Netravali in South Goa. In Gujarat, The Postcard Gir Wildlife Sanctuary- a wildlife resort, opened doors to the experience of witnessing the majestic Asiatic Lion and indulging in the riches of culture and cuisine of Saurashtra. The Postcard Mandalay Hall, the first Postcard ‘art’ hotel is set in the historic neighborhood of Mattancherry in Kochi, a truly unique hotel with rooms as art galleries- each personally curated by a renowned artist. Other than the seven luxury resorts in India, the brand has two hotels internationally in Bhutan and Sri Lanka.  Each Postcard hotel is conceptualized to give guests a true sense of the neighborhood and the destination they have traveled to. The immersive, unconventional, and fluid nature of hospitality at The Postcard Hotel along with impeccable service is what truly sets the brand apart.

The Postcard Galle is amongst the best hotels in Galle Sri Lanka as it is perfectly positioned on the southwestern coast of Sri Lanka offering incomparable views of the Indian Ocean and Gin River. With a score of 9.6 on at the Traveller Review Awards 2022, The Postcard Hotel scores the Highest Brand Score for a Luxury Hotel Brand Globally. Amongst other accolades, The Postcard Galle scores 5 on making it the most-liked hotel in Galle Sri Lanka. 

The Experience at The Postcard Galle

Like all the luxury resorts in India– The Postcard Galle is a perfect escape- where a leisurely pace of life meets blissful scenery. What makes The Postcard Galle a class apart from the rest of the hotels in Galle Sri Lanka is its mindfully curated experiences to elevate your holiday to the next level. From an early morning adventure of watching the blue whale, to strolling through the balmy rainforests, or unwinding on the palm-fringed beaches and of course, indulging in the rich, traditional flavors of Sri Lanka. Holiday in the land of historic ruins and relics as a UNESCO world heritage site- The Galle Fort is just a ten minutes drive from the hotel, the fort area is perfect for strolls and enjoying the sights and sounds of the laid-back town. For tea lovers, the country has a long tradition of tea production. Its teas are known for their unique flavor profiles and high quality. 

Unlike any other hotels in Galle Sri Lanka, The Postcard Galle offers a wide spectrum of experiences which includes visiting the Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery which is a conservation center where one can see the baby turtles that have just hatched, which are then kept in a tank for a short period of time before being released to the ocean. In addition to the conservation work- the hatchery also allows the visitors to witness the turtles sea turtles laying eggs and hatchlings making their way to the sea. Unravel a series of undiscovered places with The Postcard Galle. 

The Dining at The Postcard Galle

When it comes to food, all the luxury resorts in India, Sri Lanka, and Bhutan bring the finest and the most delectable cuisine of the region. Delve into the flavours of Sri Lankan delicacies. An unknown fact about Sri Lankan cuisine is that besides being flavourful, the cuisine is also an amalgamation of the cross-cultural values shared in India. Keeping all this in mind The Postcard Galle emphasizes the local cuisine which makes it stand out from any other hotels in Galle Sri Lanka. The best part is you can relish your special Sri Lankan food from the open-air patio or the private balcony of your room or overlooking the beautiful Indian Ocean. 

The Top Postcard Recommendation That You Must Try Are: 

Rice and Curry– A staple Sri Lankan dish consisting of steamed rice served with curry.

Hoppers– Pancakes with a twist that is enjoyed as breakfast or a snack, made from fermented rice flour and coconut milk.

Kottu Roti– A popular street food made out of chopped roti and stirred up with vegetables and meat

Lamprais– A Dutch-influenced dish made with rice, meat, and vegetables- all wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed.