How to keep your immune system healthy

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October 1, 2022 / By Vihado

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve learned the value of life and the importance of being Doctors to keep your immune system healthy. Your immune system is a complex network of cells, processes, and substances that protects your body from invading viruses, toxins, pathogens, and bacteria.

Vihado Vitamin C Supplements are a miraculous solution for boosting immunity by combining Ayurveda and herbs. According to Ayurveda, our body can only withstand infections if all seven layers of our body tissues (Rasa, Rakta, Majja, Medha, Shukhra, Mamsa, and Asthi) are strong. When these seven layers work together, our immunity is strengthened and boosted. routine and Vihado Vitamin C Supplements are the ideal matches for boosting your immune system. Vitamin C supplements offer triple protection and promote overall health and well-being. 

Vitamin C is an extremely potent antioxidant that aids in the strengthening of the body’s natural defenses. Antioxidants are molecules that aid in the immune system’s function. They shield cells from potentially harmful molecules known as free radicals. According to research, Vitamin C tablets can increase blood antioxidant levels by up to 30% and lower the risk of chronic diseases. Vitamin C tablets also aid the body’s natural defenses in fighting inflammation.

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the country and the world are in chaos. In India, over 3.50 lakh COVID-19 positive cases have been reported. It is a necessity to protect oneself in these escalating situations. According to research, people with strong immune systems are less likely to become infected with the coronavirus.

We at Vihado are dedicated to the betterment of humanity and how we can make a healthy lifestyle a habit with the help of Green Coffee Beans. We are pleased to reintroduce Vitamin C Supplements, which will assist us in easily maintaining our daily lifestyle.

One of the primary reasons people take Vitamin C supplements is to strengthen their immune system. Vitamin C stimulates the production of white blood cells, which serve as a defense mechanism against viruses, bacteria, and other diseases.

Similarly, Vitamin C Supplements contain essential minerals, vitamins, and other antioxidants that aid in the function of white cells while protecting them from damage caused by harmful molecules.

Most people cannot consume the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables on a consistent basis, whereas taking a once-daily supplement of Vihado Vitamin C Supplements is simple, safe, effective, and simple. Vihado Vitamin C Supplements not only improve your immune system but also aid in the removal of toxins from the body.

Adults require 65–90 mg of Vitamin C per day, according to studies. Sick people, lactating women, and pregnant women, on the other hand, need 120 mg of Vitamin C per day. Vitamin C supplements should be taken 30-45 minutes before meals.

It is best to consume them on an empty stomach. Vitamin C supplements can be taken on a daily basis.

There is no evidence to support claims that consuming large doses of vitamin supplements, such as vitamin C, can treat the flu-like symptoms of COVID-19 on social media. Consuming excessive amounts of certain supplements, such as vitamin A and vitamin D, can be toxic.

Vihado vitamin C supplements aid in the production of important antibodies, which are proteins that bind to invading microbes and neutralize them. As it does so much for the body, Vitamin C supplements serve as a powerhouse of essential vitamins, nutrition products, and other minerals. The best thing about Vitamin C supplements is that they are an effective, simple, and safe nutrient to incorporate into our daily routine.