Go2intl to Expand Production Capacity and Increase Its Chlorine Dioxide Brand

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July 6, 2023 / By go2international

Go2Intl one of the leading suppliers of Chlorine Dioxide for drinking water will expand the capacity of the core products alongside other chlorine dioxide solutions. 


According to the CEO, the company’s product GO2 is the go-to disinfectant as its brand of Chlorine Dioxide in a powder format. It has been displacing many traditional disinfectants. 


GO2 is well packaged and offering benefits such as longer shelf life and a yield of more than 95 percent chlorine dioxide with a shorter conversion time of 30 minutes.

The expansion follows the surge in demand for Chlorine dioxide in areas like water treatment and a host of user industries. According to the company’s assessment, the advantages of chlorine dioxide as a superior disinfectant are spiralling its demand and the consequent market growth.


While enhancing the capacity of GO2 production, the powdered and processed version of Chlorine dioxide, the CEO said strengthening the distribution chain will also be a priority in establishing itself as a reliable supplier.


According to the CEO, reliable Chlorine Dioxide and Chlorine Dioxide Solutions are a great market opportunity with applications growing rapidly in niches like industrial water treatment, Oil & Gas, pulp and paper processing, Food & Beverages, and the Medical sector.


Chlorine Dioxide for drinking water is an absolute must amidst water pollution. Chlorine Dioxide providers have a big responsibility as a key stakeholder and offering premium products at affordable rates is a natural commitment. 


The trend of wastewater recycling is also driving the global chlorine dioxide market. The high use of Chlorine Dioxide as a bleaching agent for wood pulp in the paper industry and its use as a pre-oxidant in water treatment, and fumigant for fruits and poultry will further spurt the demand. 


Chlorine dioxide is a proven solution to eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses, and parasites in drinking water and food substances using excellent oxidation properties.


Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) has successfully replaced chlorine, providing the same benefits. The CEO said more end-user segments will be tapped. They will include recreational, municipal, and industrial water; energy production; industrial manufacturing; human; household, institutional, and industrial cleaning. 


Chlorine Dioxide with its recommendations for use as a disinfectant, fungicide, algaecide, and sanitizer has been the best for a host of industry sectors such as hospitals, oil and gas, pulp and paper, potable water, swimming pools, cruise ships livestock, agriculture, food and beverage, marine vessels, restaurants, hotels, spas, and tank cleaning.    


The CEO observed that GO2 stands out with all the ingredients built in the right proportions with powerful properties. GO2 works as a powerful oxidizer for organic materials and removes compounds that produce foul odors and anything that upsets the palatability of water. 


Chlorine dioxide solutions compress cancer-causing agents such as TOX, THMs, HAAs, and others. It offers a high bacterial efficacy for pH ranging from 4 to 10. The high material tolerance on soft metals is also commendable.

Since GO2 does not corrode its efficacy is superb against airborne pathogens. The delivery mechanism of GO2 is also customer-centric.