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April 14, 2023 / By Neha1234

Indian Railways passengers can access their PNR status and real-time train schedule information via WhatsApp. Zoop came up with a new feature. Customers of IRCTC can now quickly and simply track their travel on WhatsApp. You can use this feature to check PNR Status and other travel-related information without having to download any additional apps.

Indian train passengers can use the WhatsApp chatbot to access their PNR status, live train information, details on previous and upcoming stations, and other trip-related information. By entering the 10-digit PNR number, you can use the WhatsApp chatbot to access all the information. Customers of the IRCTC can do this by using the zoop whatsapp chat boat in order to receive real-time train status updates. because it will provide you with accurate information regarding the PNR status of your train.

Easily check a train’s PNR status.

Because you can now check your PNR status on WhatsApp. You can check the status of your online train food order, but do you have any other ideas for this new feature? After that, you can file a complaint using this. All of these traits help to resolve a lot of problems. Because seniors can use WhatsApp too. Anyone can now eat on a train if they have the necessary self-education and know how to place orders. ZoopIndia and the Indian Railways will work together to provide real-time WhatsApp status updates for trains. To  Check Train Coach Position as well as status of a train using the Zoop app, follow these steps.

You can find your IRCTC train ticket’s 10-digit PNR number in the upper left corner.

Next, choose “Get Status” from the menu after entering the PNR number associated with your ticket.

In your PNR Status, you can find details about the train ticket you bought.

Procedures for PNR Status Checking.

  • You only need to perform a few of the steps listed below in order to check the status of your PNR.
  • The brief instructions for the WhatsApp chatbot are listed below. in order to track your Indian railway journey’s specifics. check PNR Status via WhatsApp.
  • 91 7042062070 is the phone number you should keep in your contacts for the Zoop WhatsApp chatbot. To access WhatsApp Web on a pc\., go to https://wa . me/ 91 7042062070.
  • Search for the Zoop chat box on WhatsApp to access it.
  • After you enter your 10-digit PNR number, the WhatsApp discussion box will appear. Tap the chat icon.
  • The chatbot will give you information on your most recent PNR status, the train number, and the expected departure time.
  • to get notifications and real-time train status information. A second option is to enter your PNR number using the WhatsApp chatbot.
  • In this way, you can use zoop to check the status of your PNR.

Checking the PNR status is now easy.

Follow these instructions to check the status of your PNR using WhatsApp. Using WhatsApp is a very simple and convenient way to check the PNR status online and the location of a train. Send your PNR number or Train Coach Position to receive updates on your PNR’s status and location.

Although it is a fairly straightforward and quick service, occasionally you may run into a technical problem that causes a delay in message replies or inaccurate information to be provided.

This cutting-edge service uses chatbot technology from WhatsApp to give users access to PNR status, real-time train information, details on previous and upcoming stations, and other train trip information. Simply enter the 10-digit PNR number in the WhatsApp chat to receive all the necessary details. Customers of the IRCTC can now obtain real-time train status by dialing the 139-number railway hotline.

In a PNR status, what does NR/0 mean?

If you’re looking for the same conclusion and interpretation, continue reading to find out more information about it. There are no rooms available, according to the Train PNR status code NR/O. The majority of people obtain this status after purchasing a ticket, so it is crucial for everyone to frequently check PNR Status. The majority of cases, according to the IRCTC, lead to a change in status over time.

Let’s take the purchase of a ticket as an illustration. a CNF-eligible third-tier AC coach at the moment. As soon as the final chart is prepared, he can view the status as NR/O. Because he is a CNF, he is given a seat on an AC 2 tier coach. due to the fact that there were still no seats available in the AC third-tier coach at the time the final chart was created. Since NR/O stands for “no room,” the best course of action is to routinely check the PNR status. Since you won’t know the precise status of your trip until the final chart is completed, even after that.


Indian Railways passengers can now access their PNR status and real-time train schedule information via WhatsApp, thanks to Zoop. This feature allows customers to track their travel without downloading any additional apps, and they can easily check their PNR status by entering the 10-digit PNR number. With Zoop and Indian Railways working together, this service is providing accurate and convenient train status updates to travelers. In addition, users can file complaints, check train coach positions, and get updates on train food orders through this service.