Get Ready for Bigger Savings: Tawfeer Supermarkets Launches Coupon Competitions!

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Tawfeer Supermarkets
August 28, 2023 / By ramibitar

After overwhelmingly positive customer feedback on the last competition Tawfeer Supermarkets ran over their social media platforms, they are announcing the return of 500,000 Lebanese pounds coupon competitions.

“These competitions will deliver the incredible offers customers expect from Tawfeer Supermarkets with the most convenient shopping experience,” says Mr. Rami Bitar, CEO of Tawfeer.

Members of Tawfeer’s online community will receive early access to these competitions, so following their Facebook and Instagram pages are a must! 

“We continue to build Tawfeer Supermarkets to be the ultimate life hack for our customers,” said Mr. Bitar. “That means we’re available for our customers every day, but it also means we create extra excitement for them during special moments, like the month of Ramadan. We’re excited for our online community to be first in line for the best deals out there.”

Tawfeer’s customers have the best shopping experience with the best prices every year, and in 2022 we’re making it even bigger and better with more brands and more of every item,” said Mr. Rami Bitar. “The team has exerted itself to prepare for another wonderful Ramadan month, and no matter how or where our clienteles choose to shop, they can rely on us for a secure and convenient shopping experience.”

Tawfeer will have more of every event product available so that as many customers as possible can benefit from the season’s best deals. Customers will discover savings on new items from top brands, like Deroni, Joud, Krix, and Maestro, and wow-worthy deals on hundreds of exclusive items that can only be found at Tawfeer Supermarkets all across Lebanon.