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October 21, 2022 / By chomkola

Pittsburgh, USA, 21, October 2022 -The company manufactures both wired and wireless school speaker systems that will suit the work and ambience of K-12 schools in the US and the company has already supplied hundreds of schools and other establishments with their advanced PA system that work with internet.

Wireless PA Speaker System

If you are still using old horn speakers for communication it is time you switch over to scientifically advance wireless PA speaker system that works with the support of internet bandwidth.  Chomko LA, LLC based in Pittsburgh, PA and Atlanta, GA can provide you with a communication network assisted by wireless speakers that pluck audio from the air and keep your environment free of cables. These are automated systems capable of broadcasting both live and recorded messages in crystal clear audio using elegant looking speakers that look part of your interior design features.

Tower Clock

Among the many time tools and equipment the company makes, you can also include tower clock which is monumental and capable of generating tremendous amount of publicity for the owners. Clock towers are easily identifiable because of their size and height and you can get a clock tower built by the company with two options, independent clock tower or clock tower supported by an existing structure.

The time tool in both avatars can still make people turn their heads and significantly increase popularity for your institution. The tower will depict your presence in a big way and you can expect increased followers for your institution, product or service by installing one.

Fancy Street Clocks 

Chomko LA is also a specialist vintage clock maker and beside repair fancy street clocks that have been defunct for a long time. You can significantly refurbish the old classics with their expertise and get a brand new vintage clock which is integrated with latest time technology.

To know more details about the company and its time management products visit website For direct chat with the manufacturers you can call the numbers 404-334-0202 or (412) 482-3822 or send mail to and get a free quote.

Chomko LA, LLC is a Pittsburgh and Atlanta based time and communication management experts supplying a huge range of time management tools such as wireless PA systems and clock towers.

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