Copywriting Jobs: How to Get Started as a Beginner (2022)

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Copywriting Jobs: How to Get Started as a Beginner (2022)
August 7, 2022 / By Messea

Whether you’ve already done some paid writing or you’re starting from scratch, copywriting jobs are worth investigating.

But what exactly is copywriting?

And how do so many people make good money writing copy?

Follow along to learn what copywriting jobs are all about and how you can earn a living with them.

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

But don’t think business and sales are the only applications for copywriting.

Normally we think of buying a product or service. But being “sold” can also mean someone decides to join, volunteer for, or advocate for something.

Copywriters are needed to persuade others to “buy” into:

In all of those instances, someone with a copywriting job wrote the words that moved you toward buying.

You may be wondering what types of companies need copywriters.

All of them.

All organizations (even one-person enterprises) need customers and stakeholders so they can prosper.

Most professional writing jobs transitioned years ago from in-house, full-time staff to freelancers working remotely from home or another location.

There are three ways to earn income through copywriting:

We’ll focus on the freelance copywriting career option.

However, despite what you might read elsewhere, it will take a while to build the portfolio, reputation, and client base needed to make a significant income from this work.

The important question to answer is, which industries and companies are willing to pay you good money for copywriting and allow you to enjoy what you write about?

Consider these questions:

The payment amount and method will be determined by you, the writer, and your prospect (and possibly by the job board, if that’s where you got the writing job) before finalizing each project.

Some examples are:

The client sets the maximum number (or range) of words desired, and you agree to be paid per word for the delivered copy.

You and the client agree to a price for the output. You must carefully manage the project’s scope to make sure it stays within what was agreed. A project fee can work if you are also providing related services such as SEO.

You and the client agree on your hourly rate and a firm estimate for the number of hours. For ongoing work, a retainer guarantees the client your availability for a certain number of hours over a specified period.

Clients generally do not favor this option unless they have a need and a solid, trusting relationship with you.

There are two primary ways to show you’re qualified for this work:

Prospects frequently prefer method 2 and often ignore a lack of formal training. If you produce evidence of past work with great results, that tells them all they need to know.

One good way to start is by specializing in a field you already know.

For example, if you’ve been a bookkeeper, your experience and results from previous work will help convince a prospect in the accounting industry that you can do their copywriting job, even as a beginner.

While you pursue that path, these preparations will also help:

Here’s how to be a sought-after freelance copywriter:

Job sites offer freelance copywriter listings based on whether or not you have to pay a fee to access a job listing, to apply for the job, or both.

Some also offer articles and other resources to help you with the job search process.

It’s free to apply for a job and to set up a Candidate account to manage your job applications.

Each job listing is reviewed before posting to prevent scams.

Jobs on the site come from a variety of sources.

Every job on the site is individually pre-screened to prevent scams.

Job seeker fees range from one week to annually.

Local businesses. It may sound “old-school,” but connecting with other businesses through local chambers of commerce and trade associations still works.

For example, digital marketing agencies that maintain a roster of independent copywriters are often members.

Other freelancers. Copywriters who aren’t in competition with you may be willing to pass leads on to you if they come across any matching your interests.

Are there companies you would love to work with that don’t have online writing jobs listed?

That said, this technique requires research, experimentation, and practice. Also needed is the ability to accept “no” gracefully and move on.

Nothing is more powerful in your content marketing toolkit than satisfied and loyal customers.

Be sure to ask for a testimonial right after the successful completion of a project. If they spontaneously compliment you, make note of what they said and ask permission to quote them in your marketing material.

Also, ask for referrals to their business contacts who may need a competent and creative copy/content writer/

You’ve learned that a part-time hustle or a full-time copywriting business is there for the taking.

It’s not easy or simple, but landing those first freelance jobs will feel great and lead you to many more.

Do your homework and hone your skills.

Start today.

Start now.

Somewhere out there is a client who needs what you bring to the table.

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