Conditions When You Can Benefit from Dental Crowns

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May 11, 2023 / By LQ Dental

Dental crown is a capping that resembles a tooth in shape. This capping can cover the entire tooth and helps have a healthier replacement for the tooth that is broken or damaged extensively. With the help of dental crown service in Singapore, the patients can get the dental crown fixed in one day. Such service helps in saving time and getting timely treatment for a tooth problem. 

Listed here are some conditions when you can benefit from the dental crowns service. These conditions can sometimes be too painful for the patient; the dental crown service in Singapore provides relief from such discomforts.

Issues Solved with The Dental Crowns

 Teeth are unique in shape for every person. That is why, a patient centric dentistry practice is preferred for dental crown service. This services proves effective when the patient reports of the issues, such as:

  • Weak teeth: A week teeth is determined by it getting loose. The tooth bleeds as well; as a sign of weakness. The patient may feel painful sensation, or unstable tooth that interferes with the ability to chew properly. Thus, the dental crown can be used to replace the weak tooth.
  • Cracked tooth: Some infections or traumatic hits can cause cracking of tooth. The issue of cracked tooth is treated by replacing it with the dental crown. 
  • Worn down or broken tooth: Teeth tends to wear down with age. Sometimes, injury also can cause broken tooth. The untreated weak tooth also leads to a broken tooth. All these instances can be managed by reaching a dental crown service.
  • Severely discolored tooth: Using tobacco products or poor dental hygiene can cause severely discolored tooth. Such tooth make a person look unpresentable. So, dental crown in this case is used for entirely cosmetic reasons. The smile can be made beautiful in such case with the help of a dental crown specialist.
  • Protect a root-canal treated tooth: When the root-canal treatment is done on a tooth, it requires protection during the healing period. To provide a protective layer, the specialist may suggest capping the treated tooth with a root canal. The dental implants are also covered with the crowns for better results.

What to Expect at Patient Centric Dentistry?

The dentistry service aimed at providing personalized experience to patients offers a few benefits. This dentistry maintains database of the patients and the treatments they have taken. The dental crown service may need follow-ups. So, the patient is sent personalized reminders about the same. Doctors may send handwritten ‘thank you’ notes for taking the service or greet the patients with their first names which indicate personalized attention. 

To Conclude,

Dental crowns serve as a permanent solution when the treatments like cleaning, etc. fail to deliver results or if the gap becomes too large to treat with a filling. This service can deliver good results when the dentistry adopts a patient-centric approach, which is quite in trend these days. The automated reminders, appointment trackers and the follow-up advisors are some tools using which the dentistry can provide patient-centric dental crown service.