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November 9, 2022 / By longcovidcarecenter.org

Over the past two years, the media, politicians, public health authorities, and others have closely followed the number of lives lost to COVID-19: more than a million have so far been lost. Yet we rarely hear how many Americans have lost their health to COVID-19. According to the survey, nearly one-fifth of adults who have been infected with COVID-19 in the past still have at least Long COVID symptoms — such as brain fog, and fatigue, which is a typical symptom of Long COVID.

Previous research on the coronavirus has shown that cured patients may experience neurological symptoms such as memory loss, attention deficit, and slow processing. A large proportion of COVID-19 survivors complain of memory loss more than 100 days after being discharged from the hospital. These symptoms are collectively referred to as “brain fog”.

A large medical center in Chicago found that more than 40% of COVID-19 patients had neurological manifestations at the beginning, and more than 30% of them were cognitively impaired. People who survive COVID-19 infection may have long-term neurological consequences, and growing evidence suggests that many survivors may experience mild brain damage, leading to general but subtle cognitive, behavioral, and psychological problems.

In this regard, the LongCOVIDCareCenter.Org studied the symptoms of long-term COVID-19 and concluded the pathogenesis of Long COVID brain fog symptoms:https://postcovidbrainfog.org/blogs/long-covid-classified-treatment-options/how-to-treat-long-covid-brain-fog

  1. Patients infected with the new coronavirus still have many antigenic fragments of the new coronavirus remaining in their bodies.
  2. The new coronavirus breaks through the blood-brain barrier and invades the brain
  3. The new coronavirus directly invades the brain nerves and damages neuronal pathways.
  4. Patients infected with the new coronavirus will have vascular inflammation and micro coagulation, resulting in local hypoxemia. If this happens in the brain, it will cause slight hypoxia in the brain, which will damage the brain nerves.

At the same time, the LongCOVIDCareCenter.Org provides some suggestions for patients with brain fog symptoms after the new crown from the perspective of Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, as well as daily life and diet:


Western medicine treatment plan:

First, a comprehensive physical examination of the patient’s body requires four further examinations in addition to the routine physical examination.

The first is to do two more PCR tests to see if the test is positive. If it is positive, it means that there is still an active new coronavirus in the body.

The second item is a neurological examination. Because of the high incidence of neurological symptoms in long-term COVID-19 patients, it is recommended that all chronic COVID-19 patients undergo neurological testing to determine pathophysiology.

The third item, in addition to basic blood tests, assessed thyroid hormones, zinc, ferritin, antinuclear antibodies, rheumatoid factor, and blood sedimentation rate in almost all patients.

The fourth item is a comprehensive cardiac function test. When persistent tachypnea is found, evaluation for anemia, signs of heart failure, hidden arrhythmias (eg, atrial fibrillation), and enteroinflammatory pneumonitis, as well as for oxygen desaturation with exercise, must be performed.


Chinese medicine treatment plan

(1) To carry out the diagnosis of traditional Chinese medicine, and to consult the comprehensive physical examination report and four special examination reports of Western medicine. To make the most accurate diagnosis and treatment of the patient’s situation.

(2) According to the most comprehensive condition information of the patient, the main symptoms, accompanying secondary symptoms, physical condition, and diseased parts of the internal organs are classified and summarized.

(3) Based on the above summary, combined with the internal organs and meridians related to symptoms, comprehensively use the theory and practical experience of traditional Chinese medicine, and prescribe traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions to patients. If acupuncture is needed, acupuncture and moxibustion will also be prescribed.


Health products to Help Treat Brain Fog

(1) Omega 3 (Ω3) fatty acid, containing high amounts of DHA and EPA, is used to improve fatigue function and protect cardiovascular and cerebrovascular.

(2) Vitamin C, D, E. It is used to scavenge free radicals, resist oxidation, and reduce chronic inflammation throughout the body.

(3) Curcumin, and carotene, are used to scavenge free radicals, and antioxidant, activate NRF2, and reduce chronic inflammation throughout the body.

(4) American ginseng, sliced to make tea or reused American ginseng capsules to invigorate Qi.


daily diet plan

(1) Control the intake of carbohydrates, reduce the amount of staple food of rice and noodles, and control the intake of animal fats.

(2) Take a bath before going to bed until you sweat slightly, and lie on the bed to do whole-body muscle tension and relaxation training. To improve sleep