67 Stupidly Brilliant (& Seriously Fun) Oxymoron Examples

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67 Stupidly Brilliant (& Seriously Fun) Oxymoron Examples
August 7, 2022 / By Messea

Ready to read some of the best oxymoron examples out there?

Want to transform lifeless speeches, scripts, poems, situations, dialogue, or settings, so they come alive in the mind of your readers and listeners?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

Oxymorons are one of the “seasonings” in great writing. Sprinkle in a few to evoke a laugh, a sense of wonder, drama, playfulness, and more.

And today, you’ll see exactly how this flavorful figurative language helps fold more flair and fun into any sentence you write.

Here’s what we’ll explore:


Let’s get started.

Fun Fact: Oxymoron comes from the Greek word oksús (meaning “keen”) and mōros (meaning “stupid”). The word oxymoron is quite literally an oxymoron!

Oxymorons aren’t unique to the English language, either.

The pairing of contradictory terms grabs attention, generates surprise, and creates an impression. Also, mastering the oxymoron is an elegant way to weave clever wordplay into your creative writing.

An oxymoron can be a word or phrase in one of these formats: 

Oxymorons and juxtapositions are closely related literary terms.

A great example is the movie, “Legally Blonde,” starring Reese Witherspoon. 

She decides to go to Harvard Law School because she wants to win her boyfriend back. But she doesn’t look at all like the typical law student with her pink clothes, her Chihuahua, Bruiser, who goes with her everywhere in her tote bag, and her bright orange MacBook standing out against all the gray and silver laptops in the classroom.

An oxymoron is a type of juxtaposition, just shorter and focused on two contradictory concepts. For example, “sorority girl lawyer” might be an oxymoron that summarizes the plot of “Legally Blond”.

Oxymoron is considered a “condensed” paradox. Oxymoron phrases can be figuratively true but not literally true. 

Both are contradictions, but the big difference between oxymoron and paradox is that a paradox is something you think about. In contrast, an oxymoron is a description that’s enjoyed in the moment and then forgotten as the reader or listener moves on.

There are many great oxymorons out there, and more are discovered and invented every day. Here are 67 examples that we think you’ll love.

Modern pop culture works hard to attract the attention of the targeted viewer or reader in today’s flood of advertising. And because oxymorons provoke curiosity and interest, they make great titles for books, movies, and television. 

Movie titles

Book titles

Some of the longest-lasting oxymorons were generated by Shakespeare in his plays and are still widely used today. 

But Shakespeare isn’t the only oxymoron guru.

In fact, many modern authors are coming up with their own as well, for example:

These examples might help you use oxymorons to good effect in your writing

A song’s amazing melody may make it a fan-favorite. Add a great title, like an oxymoron that represents the poetry of the lyrics, and you have a song that’s a beloved classic for years to come. 



Many oxymorons have become part of our daily language to the point where they now make sense and seem normal. They name things we know are contradictory but still apply at work, at home, in families, and in society.

Funny oxymorons often come from sarcastic or cynical contradictions. When used well, your reader or listener will at least smile if not laugh out loud. 

That’s over five dozen oxymoron examples in several different formats to inspire fresh ways to hook your readers and keep their interest. 

As great a list as this might be, just reading this post and moving on won’t make the oxymoron magic happen in your writing

Bookmark this post. 

Make a point of coming back to it in your editing process, taking the time to find where your writing slumps and could use a kick in the phrasing.

Use the above examples where they fit or as models for creating your own unique oxymorons. 

This will pay off handsomely. 

Your writing will connect with your readers’ emotions, you’ll keep their attention all the way through, and they’ll come to the end wishing there was more.

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