10 Best OfferWall Ad Networks To Monetize Your App & Websites

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10 Best OfferWall Ad Networks To Monetize Your App & Websites
August 7, 2022 / By Messea

Most of the scripts do provide an already inbuilt option to use offerwall but some have to hire developers to integrate it. I’m sure you are using one of those scripts that support offer walls.

Adding every and each offerwall ad networks may confuse your users and as a result, you will lose revenue, so I suggest using only 4 to 6 offerwall ad networks at a time, once your site grows you can add more.

But if you search on Google, you will find lots of networks and some sites promote fake or scammy ad networks to earn some bucks for promotion. We are not doing it in that way.

In this article, you will find the list of the 10 best Offerwall Ad Networks, and we are picking them on the basis of activeness, legitimacy, offers, payment methods, and users feedbacks.

Following are the top 10 offerwall ad networks that publishers can use to monetize their platform. These networks are also suitable for advertisers too.

CPX Research is a Germany-based ads network founded in 2014. It is available in more than 85 countries and serves more than 25,000 surveys.

You can set your currency as coins or points or any other virtual currency. Payment methods are available like Payoneer, Bank Transfer, Paypal, and Bitcoin. The minimum payout is $5 if you use Bitcoin, $10 for Paypal, $70 for Payoneer, and $100 for Bank Transfer.

Most of the offers on OfferDaddy are related to online surveys and downloading apps. Once you add your website or need help with integration then you can ask for help from your Account Manager.

Account Managers are available on Skype and by Email.

Their support team is also one of the reasons why most of the publishers do go with WannAds. They do not have live chat but the support team is quite helpful and gentle.

You get your own account manager whom you can contact through Email. But it doesn’t mean everything is positive about them there is some negative side too which you should know about.

The minimum payout is $150 and you can withdraw using Paypal only, the frequency of payment is NET30. This is what small publishers don’t like.

Most of the ads here are PTC ads and other ads are like survey ads. They have more than 264K registered members and 2248 active websites. More than 12K ads campaigns are started and more than 38 million leads are generated to date.

The minimum payout is 0.001 BTC for FaucetPay users and 0.01 BTC for direct wallet withdrawals.

As there is no approval requirement you can start immediately just after completing registration. They offer different tools such as Offer Walls, APIs, native ads, and more. They target CPA ads more but offer walls are also part of them.

Payments are sent using PayPal with a 2% fee and other methods are also supported like Payoneer, Wire, ACH, and Check. The minimum payout is $1. Payments are sent on a daily basis.

PersonaLy is one of the active offerwall sites. It is active since 2016 and it becomes very popular within a few months. It has headquarters in Israel but its business units can be found in the USA, Japan, South Korea, and China.

They have lots of active offers in different models and you can set up your website or app with the help of your own account manager.

Payment can be withdrawn using Paypal, Payoneer, and Bank Account.

AyeTStudios can be installed in Android, iOS, and Web apps. They have completed more than 141K mobile and web campaigns for their advertisers like Playtika, Comscore, IGG, Tik Tok, Unico Studio, and many more.

They are very choosy while approving publishers’ websites. It has around 400 publishers only who serve more than 10 million active users.

Click here to visit their website: https://www.ayetstudios.com/

Have a mobile app? want to monetize it? Then Tap Joy should be your first choice. They work perfectly for mobile apps. it works on models like Cost per Action, Cost per engagement, and video ads.

Also, once you register on the website you will find a demo view so don’t think that you already have lots of leads and revenue.

Visit their website here https://www.tapjoy.com/

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